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Globally Talent Group (GTG) is a company dedicated to providing effective manpower problem-solving solutions. Our primary objective is to address the challenges associated with manpower shortages and seamless transitions. Acting as a reliable bridge, GTG facilitates open communication and resolves any uncertainties or misunderstandings between employees and employers. We firmly believe that growth is achieved through the successful resolution of issues and obstacles.

In the 21st century, characterized by extensive technological advancements and global connectivity, GTG recognizes the widespread availability of talent across the globe. Our mission is to assist both of companies and candidates in identifying and harnessing their full potential by guiding them towards suitable positions that align with their skills and aspirations. Furthermore, we have established strategic partnerships with reputable entities based in Taiwan, Vietnam, and Indonesia, enabling us to share invaluable expertise, job opportunities, and a pool of talented individuals.

Our head office base in Taiwan Which name Taiwan New South School Center(https://www.facebook.com/TaiwanNewSouth) and cooperates with Indonesia and Vietnam. We have successfully solved the labor problems of many companies in Taiwan.

Now , our company will focus on Australia to send talents in Australia and solve the problem of manpower shortage .

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